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“If they save just one person from death by 42-inch plasma it’ll all be worthwhile!”
– Seven Sharp’s Mike Hosking taps into the majority opinion on the Advertising Standards Authority’s risible decision to ban the Telecom’s Spotify tvc that shows a guy with large, cartoony hands turfing a TV set – rock-star style – from a hotel balcony.

The ASA complaints board banned the ad – in a split decision, after a complaint from just one single citizen – because it “could encourage others to behave with a disregard for safety”.

The TV viewing population immediately responded to this timid nonsense with a resounding, “WTF”?

A Stuff poll with 501 respondents found that 76.6% disagreed with the ASA. And the blogs poured scorn on it:

  • Can’t be too careful what The Public is allowed to view. Goodness me someone may run into a burning haybarn to rescue a chainsaw next.
  • “Can we have the complainer removed, because their example of being a complete moron might make others also be complete morons?”
  • “If we’re worried about copycat crimes, what about the programmes between the ad? They show rape, murder, shootings and robberies!”
  • “No doubt the complainant is a vexatious recidivist litigant.”
  • “It’s time for the standard of intellect at BSA to be reviewed.”
  • “I cannot take this seriously. However, it is much easier to throw the newer slim TVs than the older CRT ones.”
  • “Ridiculous. Are these people mental? People aren’t going to throw a TV over a balcony because they saw it on a Telecom ad. Give the population a BIT of credit here!”
  • “Is imbecility is a prerequisite for a job with the ASA?”

It seems those who have been predicting an ASA slide towards reactive conservatism were right.

The ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, and shot by Gorgeous Films.

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