New survey: Radio measures up

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NZ commercial radio continues to gain strength, reflected in the latest 2018 GfK independent survey, which recorded an impressive 3.66 million listeners (80% of all New Zealanders 10+) tuning in weekly – an increase of 15,900 on the first survey this year.

On average listeners tune in for 17 hours 37 minutes of commercial radio each week

Stations and networks to put on muscle include Newstalk ZB (which remains firmly as NZ’s No 1 station across all demos and zones), iHeartRadio (delivered 23% growth year on year with 776,000 registered users each month), More FM, (up substantially across all demos), The Sound, The Edge, Flava, Mai FM, The Breeze, The Rock, The Sound, Coast, ZM, Radio Hauraki, and NZME’s new arrival Mix, 

ZB’s Mike Hosking Breakfast was again easily the first choice in Auckland, as well as nationally.

“Radio is not just lucky – we have always been lean, adaptable and nimble and that is why we are in such great shape today.”

Radio Broadcasters Association ceo Jana Rangooni said: “It’s no wonder we saw the 2018 ASA Revenue figures show Radio at an all-time high when you see our industry continue to deliver large audiences that are highly engaged and available for advertisers to reach on a range of highly targeted and defined brands.

“Radio is not a lucky industry to be thriving in the current media environment. We have always been lean, adaptable and nimble and that is why we are in such great shape today.”

NZME group entertainment director Dean Buchanan said: “Another excellent survey for radio in New Zealand, again demonstrating that it is a highly engaged entertainment and information medium for Kiwis in their daily lives.”

Mediaworks’ Leon Wratt said: “The strength of radio lies in its ability to develop brands that profoundly target the different tastes and interests of audiences right across New Zealand.

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