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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Britomart-based technology & analytics company Lens Outdoor has unveiled a new data integration partnership with independent Melbourne-based technology firm Seedooh.

Lens, which launched last month, is a purpose-built audience measurement platform, created specifically for digital out-of-home media companies that provides real-time audience accountability and transparency.

Lens CTO/co-founder Robin Arnold said: “This new partnership is the next step in delivering on that promise of transparency by adding reach and frequency data from Lens into Seedooh’s independent verification platform.

“This verification reporting process occurs with no hands-on involvement from the DOOH operator or Lens due to an application programming interface giving Seedooh access to both platforms, ensuring independent, proven and trusted reporting.

“The reports will include total audience contacts from each campaign, along with site visitor frequency and unique reach.

“Agencies and advertisers are waking up to the fact that historical methods for providing modelled audience metrics for OOH is simply not up to scratch, lacking both the accuracy and transparency that brands are now demanding and expecting.

“The reports will include total audience contacts from each campaign, along with site visitor frequency and unique reach.”

“The integration of Lens data into Seedooh’s reports is an important step for the OOH industry, allowing agencies and brands access to independent post-campaign data to prove played campaigns, quantify reach and frequency and help better plan future campaigns.

“Seedooh’s IVP provides complete and automated, best-practice verification of every play-out in a DOOH network. The data is reported via a platform dashboard, enabling summary or granular analysis of every conceivable campaign delivery metric, including share of voice, location, time on screen, number of slots in loop, creative execution, dynamic delivery reporting and more.

“They can now also include real-time audience data through this new partnership with Lens.”

Seedooh founder/ceo Tom Richter said: “Seedooh brings together valuable datasets at scale and makes them accessible to those who need them.

“Our platform is agnostic and standardises campaign delivery data for all OOH assets, both digital and classic. Ultimately, a campaign will reach a real world audience as intended, with the right message, to the right audience at the right time.

“It makes sense to combine high-fidelity audience data with granular message delivery data.

“Our integration with Lens makes this combined dataset available automatically, on-demand.”

Lens’ launch client, Lumo Digital Outdoor is the first to supply its agency and advertiser clients with these enhanced Seedooh reports.

“Lens looks pretty cool.” 

Lumo ceo Phil Clemas said: “We have partnered with Seedooh since early 2019 and their display reports help us deliver on our transparency promise to our clients.

“The addition of the Lens data has come at a good time as the global Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world on its head and clients are expecting greater accountability of campaign delivery and audience accountability.

“Site-based camera technology and live-streaming audience data is the only way to accurately and reliably answer those questions about audience reach and visitor frequency.”

An indie view
For an independent take, M+AD spoke to Phantom Billstickers managing partner Robin McDonnell: “Lens looks pretty cool,” he said.

“Phantom’s street poster network has had real-time fulfilment and accountability for years now. Our digital networks utilise Quvidi (https://quividi.com).

“As I understand it, Lens is owned by the lovely folk at Lumo. Awesome to see the local guys driving accountability for DOOH.

“Now if the rest of the industry could catch up …”

About Lens
Lens leverages the innovative Kiwi spirit by looking beyond the status quo and answering the needs of its core client base. Created amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, LENS was developed in New Zealand to specifically account for the dynamic volume, patterns and trends of DOOH audiences. Lens uses multiple site-based high-resolution cameras, specialised number plate recognition software and an intuitive dashboard to deliver truthful insights of DOOH audiences as they travel past digital billboards, every hour of every day.

About Seedooh
Seedooh is a fully independent technology platform specifically designed, built (and proven at scale) to provide complete and standardised reporting for buyers and sellers in the Out of Home industry. It is the only fully independent reporting system that provides near real-time, third party verification of display for both digital and traditional formats. The level of confidence in the data is ensured by the Seedooh Confidence Framework which demands best practice data controls are applied and assessed against globally recognised reporting standards. Seedooh has an alignment with PwC to provide further market confidence in the platform’s ability to independently verify the integrity of campaign delivery data.

The Seedough site includes NZ clients JC Decaux, VMO, QM Lumo, and Go Media.

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