Leunig still in hot water

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SYDNEY, Today: Aussie cartoonist Michael Leunig – a fast-draw legend on both sides of the Tasman – is still in hot water globally, after The Melbourne Age announced it would no longer publish his weekly cartoons.

Leunig has been mired in controversy for some weeks after he posted an anti-vax drawing on his Instagram when the newspaper refused to publish it. 

B&T reported: “Leunig’s cartoon compared Covid-19 vaccines to the infamous Beijing ‘Tank Man’, who advocated for free speech by standing in front of a line of tanks opposing the Chinese military.

“This image has become iconic – it is seen as a bold act of heroism and defiance.”

“The cartoon Leunig posted wasn’t exactly subtle!”

“The cartoon Leunig posted wasn’t exactly subtle: It featured a giant needle, a person and a photoshopped image of Tank Man. He captioned the drawing Mandate, seemingly comparing mass vaccination to a massacre.

The post has now gone global, including coverage in the NZ Herald.

Smug bugger!
BTW, M+AD ed David Gapes has been double-dosed with the Pfizer jab!

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