LIA taps young NZ judges

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SYDNEY, Monday: Ten young Aussie creatives, and two Kiwis (both from Colenso), will represent AUNZ as judges at the London International Awards Creative LIAisons programme in Las Vegas in October.

The New Zealanders are junior copywriters Harry Skelton and Holly Wutton-Williams.

Creative LIAisons – which is held during the LIA judging on October 4-8 – features 120 young creatives from around the world. It’s designed to be a creative oasis in an industry that is in danger of focusing less and less on its creative output. It stands for the work and those who make it.

“We’re excited to have attendees from Australia and New Zealand.”

“Colliers has a combined retail turnover of more than $1.5 billion In particular, we are delighted to secure signage rights at Coastlands, the largest and only shopping centre in Wellington with two supermarkets.

“Coastlands is the first shopping centre to have retail signage in this broader Wellington area on the Kapiti Coast, ranking third in foot traffic for the region.

“This is important for advertisers, given a market report for the Kapiti Council estimates the construction of the Kapiti Expressway will see spending in the region soar by over a third.”

The Coastland shopping centre deal includes five ShopaLite panels and 10 ShopaLive screens, as well as a large format digital Evoke panel.

oOh! NZ has grown its number of centres by more than 50% since 2015.

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