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Sovereign is giving Kiwis the opportunity to receive free life insurance through Facebook in a new campaign designed to address the issue of under-insurance in New Zealand.

The “industry first” Facebook campaign out of JWT is an attempt by Sovereign to reach New Zealanders in the 25-50 year old demographic – and is designed to make “life insurance easier to understand for those who may not know where to start” or understand how insurance works.

New research undertaken by Sovereign shows that more than two in five Kiwis don’t have life insurance and of those only 16% are considering it in the future.

The free insurance offer opened yesterday and runs until July 12, offering Kiwis aged 25-50 the opportunity to receive $10,000 free life insurance for six months. To apply, applicants simply visit the Sovereign NZ Facebook page and click on the free insurance offer.

Sovereign chief marketing & innovation officer Chris Lamers says the campaign is designed to help Kiwis better understand the relevancy of life insurance and reduce its complexity.

“By giving people a chance to try insurance at no cost, we are giving Kiwis information that will help them to plan and prepare for their future through one of New Zealand’s most widely used communication channels,” he said.

According to Facebook statistics, currently 1.9 million Kiwis use Facebook daily.

Sovereign’s research revealed the main life triggers for taking out life insurance included planning for the future (40%), children or child on the way (36%), marriage or permanent relationship (25%) and first time home buyer (24%).

“It’s at these milestones that life insurance can make a real difference,” Lamers said.

He says the campaign is one of many steps Sovereign is taking to break the industry mould and connect with Kiwis in ways that are meaningful and relevant. “We want to help Kiwis take charge of their lives and start planning for the future so, through Facebook, we’re making it possible for a whole new generation of Kiwis to try before they buy.”

The campaign also allows people to take charge of the personalisation of the insurance by naming the product and deciding which friends they would like to share the offer with.


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