Liquorland retail media network at full strength

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AUCKLAND, Today: Hyper, a leading provider of place-based retail media channels, has announced the successful completion of the country’s first specialist liquor retail media network in partnership with Liquorland.

The network features internal HD 65” and 55” digital screens installed across 114 Liquorland stores.

Hyper GM Chris Burton said: “The Liquorland media channel provides a unique advertising opportunity for both supplier and third-party advertisers, offering access to over 1 million liquor-specific shoppers every month.

“Adoption has been strong, with local and international liquor brands such as Aperol, Odd Company, Batched, Canadian Club, Glenfiddich, and Hendricks activating campaigns over the holiday period.

“This is the first of several premiere networks Hyper will launch in 2023, featuring highly defined audience groups.”

“The launch of this network is a significant step forward in the availability of place-based out-ofohome media options in New Zealand.

“We are proud to partner with Liquorland to offer innovative solutions for advertisers that drive awareness and conversion.

“With growth on the horizon, the Liquorland channel is tipped to expand to beyond 130 locations. A large proportion of these additional stores will focus on hard-to-reach places and audiences to help advertisers deliver genuinely national campaigns.

“The Liquorland network is the first of several premiere networks that Hyper will launch in 2023, as the company focuses on developing New Zealand’s place-based OOH media options featuring highly defined audience groups.”

About Hyper
Hyper is an independent retail marketing and media solutions provider that helps New Zealand retailers and FMCG brands better engage and convert their customers.

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