Auckland indie agency launches TVNZ Re: News website

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AUCKLAND, Today: High St-based full-service digitally-led agency Little Giant has launched a news website for NZ’s alternate news voice – TVNZ Re:.

And like all things Re:-related, it aims to be bold, experimental and serving up content that matters to young New Zealanders.

Since its launch 18 months ago, Re: has racked up over 45 million video views across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The new mobile-led site will run alongside Re:’s existing social channels, giving Kiwis another way to engage with the topics affecting them – from politics to culture, mental health to education and heaps more.

Re: ed Tasha Impey said: “we’re proud of everything Re:’s achieved in the past 18 months. The audience response has been massive, and as we’ve grown, it’s become clear we’re ready for a home of our own.

“Re: News will make you laugh, make you cry and definitely change how you think about Aotearoa.”

Re: News visitors will be able to explore our content in ways that feel meaningful to them. It’s going to give us the opportunity to be bigger and braver and reach people however they want to watch.”

The site will house previously published Re: videos as well as new content. Viewers will have the chance to re-watch their favourites or discover something new. Podcasts and written features are set to join the site soon. Also on the site are spaces for keen contributors to get in touch with Re: and explore potential opportunities.

Engagement producer and Re: News project manager Hamish Russell said: “we wanted to design a website that felt true to Re: while giving us space to be experimental and grow further. We now have the opportunity to be reactive to how our audience wants to explore topics– whether it’s a written article, an audio format, or a new video.”

“With over 700 videos available on the site, Re: News will make you laugh, make you cry and definitely change how you think about Aotearoa,” Russell says.

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