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A number of readers – mainly Radio Live staffers and their associates – have sided with M+AD’s negative take on the Radio Live/Magic ‘merger’ (in reality, a miserable MediaWorks capitulation and closure).

“The failure to rebrand Radio Live was sprung upon all staff,” wrote one, who supplied a name but – unsurprisingly – insisted on anonymity).

“Yes they knew things can change rapidly and that the station had been looked at, but this was a shock as there had been meetings with producers and others re 2019 and what days staff would return from holidays the day prior to the announcement.

“In the entire existence of the station, sales staff were rare or non-existent. They were always pushed towards music stations.”

“In the entire existence of the station at the Newshub building alongside TV3, sales staff were rare or non-existent and could have easily sold so many different segments on shows throughout the week.

“All they needed to do was sit in on any of the shows. Yet they were always pushed towards music stations.

“The same goes for the bosses who made the decisions to can Live. Their interest in the station was next to zero. They probably weren’t aware of the location of the studios!”

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Keep your messages coming. Maybe MW can be persuaded to think again!

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