Live TV still outstrips digital devices

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Auckland, Today: More screens and more choices to engage with video content is dramatically expanding video viewing opportunities, with Kiwis now spending an average of 28 hours consuming video content across any device during a week, according to latest research from Nielsen.

However, New Zealanders are sticking to their television viewing habits and spending majority of their time (an average of 23 hours per week) in front of the big screen.

Nielsen’s New Zealand Multi-Screen Report shows that TV remains the core screen for consuming video content in New Zealand and 90% of time spent watching broadcast content is live.

The TV screen remains the most used screen for watching video content. Almost nine in 10 (86%) New Zealanders use their TV set each week for consuming video content, followed by desktop (36%) and then mobile (23%).

“New Zealanders of all ages have a huge appetite for video content; new devices and screen sizes are certainly providing more ways for people to keep up with their favourite TV shows and video content, anywhere, anytime,” said Nielsen NZ executive director Caroline Atford.

“There is little impact to the strong reach and engagement with broadcast TV content, especially our demand for live TV.”

“However, despite these growing touchpoints, there is little impact to the strong reach and engagement with broadcast TV content, especially our demand for live TV viewing.

“The mobility and convenience of various screens sizes to engage with video content is attracting new moments and ways to engage with the New Zealand viewer, opening up new opportunities for both content providers and advertisers.

“Providers who create great content and can adapt their offering and strategies to sit across the various device and screen options available to them will do well with today’s New Zealand consumer.”

TV main screen for news
More than 3.2 million New Zealanders watch news on TV each month and those that watch free-to-air TV news spend 10.5 hours each month keeping up with current events. In addition, the average time spent on news websites is three hours and 45 minutes per month.

“These findings confirm the growing trend of New Zealanders increasingly taking advantage of the various choices for consuming and accessing video content,” Atford said. “Television certainly remains the most powerful medium for both content producers and advertisers, but the playing field is certainly changing and that requires a change in approach and strategy too.”

The NZ Multi-Screen Report combines data from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement (TAM) and Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights service (CMI).

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