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AUCKLAND, Monday: Medtech and agency Lachlan McPherson & Friends have launched a campaign designed to encourage people to see their GP more regularly – to improve individual health outcomes and relieve pressures on the healthcare system.

“With Covid-19 taking up much of the attention at the moment many other health issues are at risk of being neglected, says Geoffrey Sayer, epidemiologist and MD of health software company Medtech.”

“Research shows that middleaged men can improve health outcomes if they visit their GP for a regular checkup.

“Also, men who see their GP regularly can reduce the need for hospital visits later, which has benefits for them personally, their family and the health system in general.”

Lachlan McPherson said: “It’s very satisfying to be able to create work that also has the potential to make people healthier.

“Leading the campaign is a giant billboard on Auckland’s Southern Motorway which receives 2 million views per month.”

“Men who have traditional ideas about masculinity are often reluctant to see a doctor for preventative care. The focus on Covid-19 gives guys one more reason to put off caring about their own health.

“We wanted to give them a nudge and do so in a way that doesn’t threaten their sense of self.”

Leading the campaign is a giant billboard on Auckland’s Southern Motorway which receives over 2 million views per month.

The campaign is part of the Medtech drive for ‘healthier care’ and coincides with a series of Medtech system improvements and upgrades.

McPherson: “In the coming months, we’re looking at targeting other issues like child MMR immunisation, women’s health and working to improve outcomes for a range of community groups.”


Client: Medtech
Agency: Lachlan McPherson and Friends
Creative team: Rob Jack, Lachlan McPherson

About Medtech
Medtech is a leading health information company. Founded in Auckland with offices in NZ and Australia, Medtech has been enhancing patient care for 30 years. In 2020 Medtech became part of the Acclivis group of companies.

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