Location-enabled self-serve platform debuts on both sides of the Tasman

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Sydney: Leading location technology company Blis has announced that after working with Omnicom Media Group in Australia & NZ for the last year, its proprietary, location-enabled self-serve demand side platform (DSP) has been released industry-wide across Australia and NZ. (Scroll down to read the story about their appointment of an NZ-based sales manager).

The platform, which was launched last year with selected clients, is powered by Blis’ proprietary location technology stack: SmartPin, SmartScale and its POI Database.

Blis customers are media buying agencies acting on behalf of global brands, including Samsung, McDonald’s, O2, HSBC, Asics, Peugeot and Mercedes Benz.

“Blis customers are media agencies acting for global brands, including Samsung, McDonald’s, O2, HSBC, Asics, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz.”

Clients can access the company’s award-winning, real-time and historical location data targeting solutions, as well as its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, including footfall, and heatmaps, in a single intuitive self-serve interface.

Blis Self-Serve has been designed to cater to all levels of client engagement and infrastructure, and follows deepening agency expertise towards the benefits of using location data for building high-value audience groups.

“OMG has been able to provide 100% transparency, accuracy and reach, to its array of Fortune 500 customers, including McDonald’s, over the course of the year and has now formalised the partnership with Blis,” said Sydney-based OMG’s ANZ managing director Peter Horgan.

He said direct access to the use of first-party location data has been a priority in the group’s ongoing strategy towards innovation and market-leading expertise.

“Location data now plays a key role in how the group builds its campaigns, and the opportunity to get onto a self-operated platform has helped us get to grips with the intricacies of the location marketing arena,” Horgan said.

“OMG’s trading desk teams are getting ahead of the curve on location marketing now, and Blis should be credited for its platform’s advanced, market-defining features.”

About Blis
Blis is a global pioneer in advanced, innovative location data solutions. Using our unique, proprietary technology, we provide the most accurate location data and rich contextualised consumer behavioural insights for advertisers. We believe that where people go defines who they are and that location and content behaviour provides deeper insights into their preferences.

Established in 2004, the company is headquartered in London with regional offices throughout Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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