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AUCKLAND, Today: Rebecca Hamer, an account director at downtown design/branding agency Dow Goodfolk, is sharing her expertise to spruik the branding capabilities of Unleashed Software NZ – and the essentials of good branding in general.

“It is not just your logo; it’s living and breathing and needs to stay in shape to remain a healthy asset to your business,” she says.

Late last year, she was a guest at an Unleashed training summit, offering a series of expert webinars and training sessions to their clients (scroll down for the film of her webinar). 

“How customers and potential customers view you is affected by everything you say and do – be it your uniforms, your advertising, the language your customer service team use, your voicemail message, the décor,” she said.

“How customers view you is affected by all you say and do – your uniforms, advertising, voicemail, and the décor.”

“All of these different touchpoints add up to how people feel about you.

“So, if you want your brand to be seen as one that provides value to its clients and cares about their success, think about ways that you can deliver that promise, and deliver consistently.

“Founded in New Zealand in 2009, Unleashed Software has grown to be an international, multi-award winning software business that is big on helping their clients to run more efficient, effective businesses.

“And they deliver on this, always thinking of ways to add more value.

Hamer appeared alongside speakers from Mintel, The Uncomplicate and Cloudsolve.

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