London picks two for Vegas (Updated)

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LAS VEGAS, Today: Just two creatives will represent NZ at the London International Awards Creative LIAisons in October – both of them junior staffers at Colenso BBDO (appropriate, as this event is dedicated to young creatives).

The LIA and Sydney site Campaign Brief are trying to convince us that 12 young creatives “will represent Australia and New Zealand” – but this is typical Aussie self-aggrandisement. Ten of these 12 are based in Australia, and have nothing to do with NZ.

The two genuine Auckland creatives are Colenso art director Harry Skelton and copywriter Holly Sutton-Williams.

“Creative LIAisons is intended to be a creative oasis in an industry in danger of focusing less and less on its creative output.”

Creative LIAisons will run October 4-8 in Las Vegas. It is designed to be “a creative oasis in an industry that is in danger of focusing less and less on its creative output”.

The PR says: “It stands for the work and those who make it.”

Creative LIAisons is a five-day programme funded by London International Awards “as a way to give back to the creative community”.

There are no delegate fees and LIA pays flights and hotel accommodations for 120 delegates.

LIA president Barbara Levy said: “The aim of Creative LIAisons is to unite the advertising world’s best thinkers, work, and up and coming talent, and we couldn’t be more excited to have attendees from Australia and New Zealand.

In all there will be 120 creatives aged 21-30 from 24 countries travelling to Las Vegas to participate in Creative LIAisons.

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