Lotto NZ asks, ‘Did you know? in new in-house campaign

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: In a new retail and digital campaign, Lotto New Zealand’s in-house creative team has turned back the clock with a creative look and feel that draws parallels to classic game shows of the 80s.

Creative was all in house, along with PR. Media is PHD. Lotto NZ’s main creative agency is DDB.

Lotto NZ CMO Annemarie Browne said: “The does what it says on the tin campaign aims to educate Lotto players around common misconceptions when it comes to playing Lotto games – whether it’s debunking the thought of your town having the luckiest shop, or the logic that buying multiple tickets will significantly increase your chances of winning.

“Lotto NZ’s Did You Know campaign showcases how a little bit of honesty can go a long way.

“Creative was all in house, along with PR. Media is PHD. Lotto NZ’s main creative agency is DDB.”

“At Lotto NZ we aim to give everyone a little bit of fun when they buy a ticket, imagining all the things they could do if they win.

“But we are also mindful that with the hope of winning, can come superstitions and beliefs around how to win.

“Although it can add to the fun of playing, and realistically, we know some people will still pick their “lucky” numbers we want to ensure our players have all the facts and tools they need to make educated choices when playing our games, so they are empowered to play in a way that is safe, fun, and entertaining.”

The new campaign has launched across the Lotto NZ retail network, in social media channels and across the MyLotto website and apps.


Creative: Lotto NZ
Chief Marketing Officer: Annemarie Browne
Head of Brand and Creative: Leah Neilson
Senior Marketing Manager: Karen Dunlop
Senior Social Responsibility Manager: Kelly Bleakley
Creative Studio Manager: Fleur Valois
Motion Director: John Hayes
Copywriter: Ed Knowles

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