Loud online ads face the chop (updated)

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TVNZ has sent an SOS to production companies and ad agencies about elevated sound levels on online ads submitted for broadcast.

“Please ensure all online video creative is compliant and the audio level is set to -24LKFS,” wrote an unnamed corporate spokesperson in a message published on its website (scroll down for the link).

“We have started receiving more loud ad complaints – particularly from viewers on TVNZ OnDemand and 1 News.

“There’s an increase in third party hosted creative (direct and programmatic) and a decrease in ad vendors normalising audio levels – so we can’t always step in and do this for your ad.”

What happens if TVNZ receives an ad over the compliant level? “We will work with the agency or client to adjust the audio levels,” says the TVNZ spokesperson. “If it cannot be corrected easily, we will look at suspending the ad until a new version can be supplied.

“If you have any questions, please contact your TVNZ sales representative or email digitalsalesrequests@tvnz.co.nz.”

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