Love Food Hate Waste NZ and TBWA\NZ unite against food waste

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AUCKLAND, Today: Love Food Hate Waste NZ has joined forces with TBWA\NZ to address food waste. Their collaboration focuses on the Eat Me First campaign, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting mindful consumption.

Despite Kiwis acknowledging the ethical concerns of food waste, households discard over $100 worth of food monthly. This pressing issue underscores the importance of initiatives like Eat Me First, seeking to bridge the awareness-action gap and instigate a shift in behaviors.

In the partnership, Love Food Hate Waste NZ and TBWA\NZ are committed to making a tangible impact on food waste in New Zealand. The Eat Me First campaign represents a significant stride in inspiring responsible food consumption and waste reduction.

“With the help of TBWA\NZ, we’ll be highlighting why food waste matters and the easy practical steps we can all take to not only save money but the environment too!

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Love Food Hate Waste NZ team on this behavior change project.”

“From better planning and shopping with a list to focusing on what to eat first we hope to extend our campaigns through to supermarkets and brand partners to make a real impact on how much food we waste.

“TBWA presented excellent work and were passionate about the cause, which we are excited to see reflected in our next campaign.”

TBWA\NZ Group’s CEO Catherine Harris, says: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Love Food Hate Waste NZ team on this behavior change project. We found joy in exploring the research on food waste and had fun devising a disruptive approach to encourage Kiwis to change their behavior. The initial work is set to launch early next year. In the meantime, we’ve initiated our compost program and shared food-saving hacks at TBWA.

Love Food Hate Waste, initiated by the global climate charity WRAP in 2007, welcomed New Zealand into its network in 2017. Collaborating with 52 councils nationwide, Love Food Hate Waste NZ targets a 10% reduction in food waste in Aotearoa by 2026.

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