L&P taps Saatchi, bypasses DDB (now updated – scroll down to 2 x corrections)

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Iconic Kiwi brand L&P has redesigned its bottle – and introduced a new limited edition flavour – L&P Chilli & Lime. L&P sidestepped their regular agency DDB Group for the redesign – the new look is out Saatchi & Saatchi.

But Emily Thorn, from L&P’s PR agency Acumen Republic, told M+AD this morning, the company’s incumbent creative agency – presumably DDB – will be involved in the wider advertising campaign for the new look rollout and the new flavour.

Thorn was unclear as to what Saatchi’s involvement means for DDB – M+AD inquiries continue, and the picture should become clearer over the next few days.

She says this is the first time in more than 10 years L&P has undergone such a transformation and reflects L&P’s commitment to meeting changes in consumer tastes and preferences.

“L&P Chilli & Lime is an innovative flavour that is very much in line with current food trends and, along with the updated look, continues to showcase L&P’s fun personality and innovative Kiwi spirit,” she said.

L&P marketing manager Angela Broad said in a release that L&P is focused on continuing to meet Kiwi consumers’ ever-changing tastes and preferences.

“We know our L&P drinkers are always on the lookout for something a bit different, and we believe the new flavour and the updated look continues to showcase L&P’s cheeky and fun personality and innovative Kiwi spirit. We’ve already had great feedback to date on the new look L&P which is very positive.

“We want to ensure that we are constantly intriguing our consumers. The new L&P Chilli & Lime variant is fresh and exciting. It’s a novel Mexican-inspired flavour that is on-trend and offers a refreshing taste for L&P drinkers who want to try something that excites their taste buds and senses.

“We think Kiwis are going to really get in behind the flavour, which at first seems a bit out there! It’s especially refreshing for the summer months ahead.”

She said each L&P variant is now well differentiated with its own personality and coloured lid to make it easy for consumers to identify. Some of the other product changes include a revitalised logo and a reshaped bottle including a map of New Zealand and well-known tagline World Famous in New Zealand embossed onto the bottle. All L&P bottles still remain recyclable.

The new-looking L&P range roll out will continue across the rest of the L&P range over the next couple of months throughout supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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