LUMO unveils bold new look to connect Kiwi brands

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AUCKLAND, Today: LUMO, a New Zealand DOOH media operator, has rebranded to showcase digital out-of-home media’s potential to local and international brands looking to connect with Kiwi audiences.

The new brand platform, Powering Potential, was crafted by Special and LUMO’s in-house team. It aims to reshape market expectations for the digital out-of-home company.

Phil Clemas, co-founder with Kent Harrison, has been pivotal since introducing DOOH in 2016. He remarked on the significant impact digitisation has had on the channel.

“Transformation in our channel won’t be achieved through digitisation alone. With digital revenue share predicted to reach 80% for the channel this year, it’s a focus on how operators transform operationally and how we adapt to expectations of our commercial, agency and brand partners through format & creative innovation, measurement and a commitment to live, transparent and sustainable practices.”

Clemas and Harrison are backed by Robin Arnold (CTO), Stacey Gattsche (GM of Sales), and Jack Plowright (GM of Platform & Partner Strategy) to deliver a future-ready digital out-of-home network.

“Transformation in our channel won’t be achieved through digitisation alone.” – Phil Clemas

With the highest digital revenue share globally, New Zealand’s OOH sector is growing steadily. Advertisers are increasingly using channels that combine broadcast reach with targeted engagement.

Programmatic enablement has attracted new investments, making it easier for advertisers to access and buy into the channel, similar to existing digital platforms.

“If we want the right to convince advertisers to further invest in our channel, we need to work with our industry to demonstrate our reach story and offer solutions that brands have come to expect from existing and emerging digital platforms.

Clemas added, “If we can prove we have the means to do that, coupled with the potential for our channel to build reach efficiently, integrate brands and content into the everyday, and draw attention at times audiences are most receptive, then I expect positive things for our sector.”

LUMO plans to launch new initiatives, including audience and data agreements, reporting solutions, renewable energy and carbon emissions assurance, programmatic integrations, and creative options for brands. Expect to see more from this dynamic operator.

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