NZ billboard indie is growing up

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In the few months since Lumo launched its flagship premium Anzac digital billboard screen in downtown Auckland, the company has turned the focus of its expanding portfolio to the rest of this country.

“Preparation is the key to ensuring a manageable rate of growth in digital assets”, says Lumo ceo Phil Clemas.

“What is most important for Lumo is sticking to its strict site selection criteria, utilising only the best LED technology and adding further value by sourcing and implementing smart technologies that give customers new insights and abilities that no other media operator can offer.”

Christchurch is a market where there has always been an abundance of billboard inventory which is already spilling over into the digital billboard space.

“It is strategically important for Lumo to have a site or two in Christchurch but already with a large sea of choice for advertisers, we had to be particularly selective about where to locate our first Screen,” said Lumo executive VP Kent Harrison.

“Lumo Colombo not only offers high traffic volume, direction and dwell but also screen size, site-line clarity and LED quality – but the real difference comes with Lumo’s smart technologies.

“No other operator offers real-time traffic analytics, free fibre wifi, in-browser advertising or beacon technology,” Harrison says. “These unique technologies will provide more insight and opportunity for advertisers.”

The next 12 months will be busy for the Lumo project build team. Colombo St was the fifth screen to go live, and a minimum of ten more screens has been confirmed for development in 2018.

“Now that we’re established as a genuine digital billboard supply option, the next phase will rapidly expand Lumo’s market presence and influence,”, says sales director Stacey Gattsche.

Taking on the Aussies
“I’m excited about soon being able to compete head-to-head with the big Aussie operators on scale in the key Auckland market – and the superior quality of all of our sites will speak for themselves”.

With its first birthday just a few weeks away, Phil Clemas says the Lumo team couldn’t be blamed for feeling somewhat amazed by the amount of progress achieved to date and excited about their growing momentum.

“But with almost 40 years of combined outdoor media experience across their compact team, they will be very aware of the insatiable demand the market has for innovation, creativity and quality and they will be determined to exceed expectations wherever it can over the coming months and years,” he says.

“Lumo will have 10 smart digital billboards operating by April 2018 – and 20 by Christmas 2018 (15 of these in premium Auckland locations).”

About Lumo
LUMO is a New Zealand owned and operated specialist digital outdoor media business established to disrupt the existing model and help inspire greater creativity in the digital outdoor space. Lumo may be the young upstart but their focus is clear – quality locations, quality technology, quality partnerships.

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