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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Outdoor exponent Lumo has unveiled “New Zealand’s first creative studio for digital out-of-home”.

Lumo ceo Phil Clemas said: “Over the past year, we made a choice to turn the ongoing disruption and challenges into a business win, with lockdowns allowing them the time and creative freedom to complete our long-held dream for Lumo Labs, a unique in-house facility focused entirely on creating and producing content solutions specific to the DOOH channel.

“Combining real-time audience data and insights, with technology designed to deliver dynamic ad serving and creative messaging, Lumo Labs provides advertisers with a full suite of creative ideas and solutions – ranging from concept generation built upon strategic insights, content design and software development through to the implementation of bespoke brand campaigns employing the latest in digital technology capabilities.

“The launch is in direct response to an increase in advertiser demand for more responsive and engaging DOOH creative, including direct access to expert advice and production and technology requirements.

“Often it’s about the timing. DOOH is rebounding strongly from the challenges of last year and establishing Lumo Labs has coincided nicely with that new growth trajectory.

“For advertisers without access to a creative agency, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s where Lumo Labs comes in.”

“Our is to help advertisers tap into the power of DOOH and realise the combined value of data and technology working cohesively to deliver more targeted and relevant messaging, with greater impact than ever before.”

Lumo design & production manager Jamie Snow said: “The creative possibilities for dynamic DOOH campaigns are endless, and with that comes a certain level of creative and technical expertise required to bring these campaigns to life.

“For some advertisers without access to a creative agency to help deliver these requirements, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s where Lumo Labs comes in.”

Wanted: Digital ops assistant
Lumo is now recruiting for a digital operations assistant.

About LUMO Labs
Lumo Labs is New Zealand’s first glimpse into a design and production hub specifically created to meet and surpass digital-out-of-home content requirements and provide seamless software solutions for clients. As one of the most experienced DOOH teams in the industry, combined with a 100% focus on all things digital, Lumo Labs is well positioned to advise on and attend to almost every creative scenario.

About Lumo Digital Outdoor
Lumo Digital Outdoor is New Zealand’s only national pure-play digital out-of-home advertising company. Created to offer clients a single focus on all things digital outdoor, LUMO’s emphasis on high-resolution large format LED billboards, premium inner-city locations and leading-edge smart software technologies gives advertisers the edge. Founded by New Zealand media industry stalwarts Kent Harrison and Phil Clemas in 2016, Lumo is fast becoming the most influential digital outdoor specialist in the country with premium LED screens operating across Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch, all underpinned by a technology infrastructure that guarantees a new standard in operational transparency and audience accountability like no other.

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