Lumo rolls out new level of DOOH audience measurement 

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AUCKLAND, Today: LUMO Digital Outdoor has unveiled a new partnership with global outdoor analytics platform Quividi, which it says will take reporting accountability to “new levels for New Zealand’s digital out-of-home sector”.

Lumo programmatic GM Jack Plowright said: “In an Australasian first, this partnership will use roadside-based cameras to apply real-time audience dwell time, allowing advertisers on our network to benefit from the next progression in DOOH impression measurement.

“Lumo has been seeking a reliable source data to complement our LENS datasets and to complete the ‘impressions multiplier formula – the universal formula adopted for NZ based DOOH suppliers activating their screens through ad servers or via supply side platforms (the media sellers) programmatically.

“The formula, introduced in 2021 by IAB NZ’s Programmatic DOOH Steering Committee, provides the methodology for how the market applies hourly audience and dwell time data sets to determine the appropriate amount of impressions delivered for DOOH ad plays for every hour of every day. 

“Current static OOH measurement estimates are inaccurate, outdated and inappropriate for DOOH campaigns.”

“The Lumo x Quividi solution uses cameras fitted with their measurement software which are installed on each of Lumo’s screens. The cameras face oncoming road traffic and the software recognises vehicle movements. Quividi then measures the number of seconds each vehicle is present in the camera view and streams the data 24/7 from each site back to LENS.

“Lumo has been working on this solution following a number of conversations with buyers who are being provided static OOH measurement estimates which are inaccurate, outdated and inappropriate for DOOH campaigns.

“This partnership debunks the way we’ve always measured DOOH campaigns and sets the benchmark for true transparency and results-based outcomes. We believe this is the future of reporting accountability for our industry and Lumo is pleased to be a driving force behind this model.”

Quividi (a US-based software provider) ceo Oliver Duizabo said: “With its high-fidelity data, Quividi enables media owners to sit at the forefront of audience measurement & monetisation.”

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