Lush’s beauty revolution with Sling & Stone

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AUCKLAND, Today: Sling & Stone’s brief is to ensure Lush is the most talked about cosmetics brand in Aotearoa. Focus on consumer PR, creator relationships, corporate thought leadership, and driving ethical causes close to Lush’s heart.

Lush, the original innovators of the bath bomb, has led the charge in cosmetics since ’95. Ahead of the curve, they fought over-packing and animal testing, embedding ethics into their global business ethos.

Lush made headlines with their Big Tech Rebellion, exiting social media in 2021 for user safety. Now, they’re investing in fresh ways to connect and build communities, a focus for Sling & Stone too.

Georgia Saunders, PR Lead, Lush states: “Sling & Stone was the stand out agency when assessing our options in the market.  Their thinking, creative approach and plan for building impactful brand awareness for Lush was top tier. 

“At Lush, we don’t fit into a box – we stand out – and Sling & Stone does the same.” – Georgia Saunders

“At Lush, we don’t fit into a box – we stand out – and Sling & Stone does the same. We love how in-tune they are to our values and their unique approach to PR is exactly what we were looking for. We’re thrilled to partner with them and can’t wait for what this year brings.”

Sian Church, Head of New Zealand, Sling & Stone said: “When we first started talking to the Lush team, it was clear that both of our values clearly aligned. We love everything that Lush stands for including taking matters into their own hands and addressing the issues now, not waiting around until others believe in the problem before changing.”

That’s precisely why we launched Sling & Stone: to amplify these narratives for ambitious brands and contribute to a brighter world!

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