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AUCKLAND, Today: M+AD, believe it or not, is a News Media Essential Service (like the newsrooms at Stuff, the Herald, TVNZ & TV3) and we’ll be continuing unabated for the foreseeable future.

Just what this means in practice during the lockdown is probably very little – maybe the odd extra supermarket trip?

We’re fortunate, too, that all four people involved in M+AD’s production (designer Chris Grimstone and editor David Gapes – the two owners, along with ad sales manager Kelly Lucas and deputy ed Scott Pryor – are already well-versed in working from well-equipped home offices.

“There is a sense of optimism about the market recovering – eventually.”

It’s still early days and things are looking bleak in the short-term – but there’s a few positive signs …

  • New research from Linkedin Australia shows the hiring rate for jobs in AUNZ Software & IT Services has increased 17.3%.
  • Finance (10.3%) and healthcare (12.6%) have also managed to post positive hiring rates, despite the economic downturn.
  • In terms of specific roles, the report found jobs that require transferable skills have been particularly sought after.

However, there is a clear overall decline in the jobs market for Australia & NZ.

“Based on hiring trends we’re observing globally from countries that have implemented strict restrictions on travel and social gatherings, we expect the decline in hiring growth in AUNZ to accelerate and deepen in the coming weeks,” the unnamed Linkedin Australia spokesperson said.

“However, there is a sense of optimism about the market recovering, eventually.”

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