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SYDNEY, Monday: AU telco Optus is bringing “a new optimistic story” to Australians this festive season, in a film that was shot in Australia by an Aussie crew – but made in New Zealand.

Special NZ head of PR Kelly Grindle explains: “Special New Zealand is the lead creative agency for Optus. We won a competitive pitch for Optus 18 months ago.

“Optus thought the work of Special NZ was world-class, so we were invited to pitch for the work – even though we are a NZ agency – and have been doing it ever since.

“For this latest job, no-one could travel because of Covid, so it was directed from New Zealand and we used local suppliers.

“This is now the fourth tvc we’ve made for them during that window; and the brand platform of It Starts With Yes came from Special NZ.

“No-one could travel because of Covid, so it was directed from New Zealand and we used local suppliers.”

The new film follows an Australian glider [shades of NZ’s latest Bird of the Year?], risking life and tail, for an ambitious surprise for its partner for Christmas.

With populations of sugar gliders declining, Optus is using the festive season to raise funds for their cause.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy ceo Tim Allard said: “Most Aussies know about wombats, koalas and quokkas – but there is little knowledge of this flying marsupial.

“The discovery that the sugar glider is not one, but three species, raises the alarm that there may be far fewer than previously thought and that the population may have declined by as much as 35% over the last 30 years.

The Optus Christmas campaign launched on Sunday with television spots, social content and OOH.


Agency: Special Group NZ
Director: The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide
Production Company: Finch
Animation Company: Flux
Sound: Franklin Rd
Music: Level Two
Client: Optus

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