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Spark and Colenso BBDO really do make magic happen in their deeply affecting new brand film out of Thick As Thieves (the name of the director was not available at press time – but M+AD reckons he/she has a rare talent).

Here’s the release (in full) …

Moments of magic happen every day

Some people say magic isn’t real. That it’s just an illusion. But Spark and Clemenger Group are making a case for the opposite in their new brand work released this week.

For Spark, their latest work aims to place a spotlight on the role of technology has in connecting New Zealanders and enabling moments of magic in their lives every day.

It isn’t about trapdoors and making people disappear. It’s quite the opposite. It’s bringing people together. It’s that moment between a father and daughter, a husband and wife or a business and its customer.

It can appear in generous acts or in a glance between two strangers. It’s in an idea, a feeling. It can turn the smallest of moments into something huge. Some people don’t believe in magic. But Spark believes that if you look closely enough, you’ll see it happens every day.

Arthur C Clarke famously wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

“We reckon it’s not the technology that should be credited as magic, but the human moments that it can create,” says Colenso creative group head Mick Stalker. “And that’s only going to get more true as technology continues to advance.

“That’s what we wanted to bring to life.”

The story begins online and on TV with a 60sec and two-minute brand film which shares a moment of magic between a father and daughter as they reconnect through music.

This will be followed by a series of 15sec films which hero more human moments of magic between people, and talk to specific digital service benefits Spark can provide. A comprehensive online and out of home strategy, and a series of retail 30s will further establish Spark’s digital service credentials.

Spark’s Clive Ormerod said: “We’re in a privileged position to make a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders everyday through the power of technology. And our role will only get more useful, more meaningful, and more involved as we grow our digital offering.

Our latest work is a genuine expression of the magic moments in customers’ and business owners’ lives where technology helps connect people, and makes our days just that little bit better.


Client: Spark NZ
Clive Ormerod, Jodene Murphy, Kate Thomas, Briar Rowe
Agency: ColensoBBDO / Proximity NZ
Media: Dynamo
Production Company: Thick as Thieves

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