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AUCKLAND, Today: Following good wins at the Pressie Awards earlier this week, Remuera-based marketing creative activations agency Magico have updated media on the progress of Bike Barn’s Bike It Forward.

Magico picked up Pressie Gold and Silver in the Pressies’ Bravest Client and Best Sponsorship categories.

Magico GM Lina Montero Soto said: “It’s an idea that came from the heart, and has already made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of Kiwi kids. And now it’s also been acclaimed by New Zealand’s leading marketers, who know a great idea when they see one.”

Bike It Forward encourages New Zealanders with preloved bikes to donate them for re-use by deserving Kiwi kids. All donated bikes are restored and made safe by Bike Barn and then given to deserving recipients.

“The programme is continuing into 2020, thanks to a generous and committed client.”

Bike It Forward was launched by Bike Barn in late 2018 when they discovered some Kids wanted to take part in the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon but couldn’t afford a bike.

“So they began searching for all the lost, forgotten and unwanted kids’ bikes from around Auckland. Bike Barn restored the bikes, made them safe and in just six months they had restored 500 children’s bikes and given them to deserving Kiwi kids,” Montero Soto said.

“It was such a success that Bike Barn decided to roll it out throughout the country. The Bike It Forward programme is continuing into 2020, thanks to a generous and committed client.

“Bike Barn, a sponsor of the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, make no money out of this – in fact, their staff give time, resources and money to fixing bikes and making them safe and tidy to give back to the community.

“The Pressies were a great win for Magico and for Bike Barn — but the biggest winners are Kiwi kids!”


Client: Bikes International
CEO: Craig Robertson
Agency: Magico
General Manager: Lina Montero Soto
Creative Director: Dunc Blair
Art Director: Rob Chapman

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