MandyVFX turns smoke to Flame

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Boutique post production facility MandyVFX has upped its capacity with the arrival of new Flame suites.

MandyVFX, located in the Fish building at 230 Ponsonby Road, facilitates most of the post work for Flying Fish, and more recently they’ve worked on everything motion picture, from short and feature length films, music videos, online content, animation, campaigns direct with agencies and other production companies.

With three main edit suites, all of which can be geared for offline, animation, grade & online, the company is essentially a facility for hire run by General Manager Anita Ward, who is also the resident Flame artist.

“There is an abundance of highly qualified and capable Flame artists in New Zealand so the move from Smoke to Flame was not only to improve our own capabilities but we want to appeal to the freelance operators out there looking for a cool, full service facility for their already existing clients,” she says.

“Nestled next to Prego, MandyVFX has a plethora of incredible eats at its disposal, including the Lucky Taco (hosted by celebrity chefs Otis and Sarah Frizzell) parked at the Fish building Friday through Sunday.

“Client service is important in post production, whether it be a decaf trim macchiato triple shot, a gluten free vegetarian hummus and avocado salad, or a quarter pack with popcorn chicken, we have it all within very convenient range.

“With the recent tech upgrades, MandyVFX becomes one of the fastest little post houses available. When people bring clients to a post facility to put the final touches on their campaigns, they tend to pay a lot of money per hour or day, they expect the equipment to be reliable, state of the art and obviously fast.”

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