DDB Aotearoa launches world first Manu togs with L&P and MASA

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: DDB Group Aotearoa and L&P have launched an innovative campaign for MASA Manu Shorts – togs that are built withstand any water ‘bomb’.

DDB CD Matt Williams said: “Kiwis execute the ultimate summer flex – the iconic manu [water ‘bomb’], with the help of the world’s first MASA Manu Shorts.

“Manu Applied Sciences Aotearoa (MASA) is dedicated to creating more and better manu for everyone in Paeroa, and also not in Paeroa too.

“A blend of form, function and incredible league-short-inspired fashion promises to be even better than normal togs, and will solve each and every manu-related issue, such as back slaps and crotch tear.

“Finally I have some togs that don’t rip in half.”

“The idea for the MASA Manu Shorts came about after reading some online comments on their 2021 L&P Space Manu ad – the one where a guy does a manu from space.

“After reading the comments and talking to some manu-ers, it became clear that off-the-shelf togs just weren’t up to task. So, we made some, that were.

“We’re pretty sure no one’s bothered going to the lengths of making a pair of togs which are quite so practical or stylish.”

Duncan, the guy from the Space Manu ad, said: “Finally I have some togs that don’t rip in half. Thank you L&P.”

Launched on the earlier this month, the campaign will be shared across social to encourage L&P drinkers to share a photo of their manu to be in to win a pair of the limited edition togs.


Agency: DDB Group Aotearoa
Client: L&P|
Head of Marketing & Design NZ: Angela Broad
Senior brand manager: Janine Penrose

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