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AUCKLAND, Monday: In a historic move, MarketMedia, The Warehouse Group’s retail media network, has joined forces with Meta to introduce Meta Managed Partner Ads (MPA).

This groundbreaking partnership empowers MarketMedia clients to run highly targeted Meta campaigns on an unprecedented scale, providing off-network media attribution never before achieved.

The technology leverages insights from on-site, off-site, and in-store data from The Warehouse Group’s online stores, apps, and millions of weekly visits to various retail outlets.

Meta’s MPA offers unparalleled capabilities for retailers and brand partners to track off-site video and image ad performance down to the SKU level while prioritizing user data protection.

MarketMedia’s self-service platform, Zitcha, has demonstrated exceptional success with up to 32 times the return on advertising spend, showcasing the effectiveness of the integration.

“With APAC digital sales expected to reach US $2.8 trillion by 2025, off-site media is a crucial component of growth.”

With APAC digital sales expected to reach US $2.8 trillion by 2025, off-site media is a crucial component of growth, complementing on-site and in-store retail channels.

Blaine Hudson, MarketMedia’s Head of Product, Platforms and Data, expresses excitement about the transformative power of MPA, revolutionizing ad campaign effectiveness and offering world-class marketing on and off the network.

Zitcha’s self-service approach, providing real-time analytics and insights, further enhances the retail innovation, allowing brands to optimize reach and maximize return on investment.

Troy Townsend, Zitcha CEO, hails Meta’s MPA as a game-changer for retailers and brand partners, enabling real-time tracking of advertising spend returns and driving a shift from traditional to off-site channels.

MarketMedia’s global leadership in retail media innovation is evident through closed-loop reporting, actionable data, and the MPA integration, offering clients and brands a significant advantage.

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