Marketo powers up with AI (updated)

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Global engagement marketing software provider Marketo has unveiled a suite of new and enhanced solutions to allow NZ marketers to engage more effectively with their customers.

Sydney-based Marketo APAC senior marketing director Chris Connell said: “This latest release is really exciting for the ANZ market. With the entrance of Amazon into this part of the world imminent, now is the time to tool up and get ahead of the customer experience curve.

“ContentAI  will give forward-thinking marketers the opportunity to take the first step into using artificial intelligence for customer engagement and the insight and analytics releases further strengthen marketing’s ability to prove impact.”

“This latest product release reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering the best solutions for marketers and sellers to win in the engagement economy.

“Marketers are inundated with disparate solutions that claim to be cure-alls for delivering a seamless customer experience.

“In Marketo’s recent study, marketers reported that finding the best tools to help them engage with their customers is their number one challenge,” said California-based chief product officer Manoj Goyal. “Our latest release addresses this need by providing marketers with a wide range of enhanced analytics and personalisation solutions to help them engage with their customers across all touchpoints and at every step of their journey.”

Analytics and Insights
“The right analytics are critical for customer engagement, with 46% of marketers across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France of the belief that analytics and reporting have a significant impact on their ability to engage with their customers,” he says.

Marketo’s new analytics and insights offerings include the following:

  • Account Insight is designed to strengthen the partnership between sales and marketing teams around account-based marketing (ABM) strategies by focusing sellers on the best accounts to target and giving them real-time insights into how and when a prospect is engaging with their brand in order to tailor follow-up interactions.
  • Email Insights Enhancements allow marketers to drive greater value from Marketo’s Email Insights solution through new ways to prepare, analyse, and share email campaign performance with marketing leaders.
  • Integration with Facebook Offline Conversions Enhancements allows marketers to map additional Marketo customer journey stages to Facebook offline conversion stages, so marketers can further optimise their ad spend based on more meaningful actions and insights into the customer journey.

Today’s customers expect brands to interact with them in personalised ways across all channels. In The State of Engagement, 72% of marketers reported that personalised messages have a significant impact on customer engagement. Marketers can now take advantage of many personalisation solutions delivered by Marketo to effectively engage with customers, such as:

  • ContentAI is the only solution that makes content personalisation scalable for marketers by auto-discovering and cataloging website assets and using AI to determine the best content to display to each audience. Marketers can personalise their websites, mobile experiences, and email with ease through drag-and-drop content placement, while maintaining control over what is delivered through each channel.
  • Web Personalisation Enhancements that give marketers new ways to create experiences based on visitor behaviours. For example, trigger Widget Campaigns from the top, bottom or side of the screen based on scrolling past a specific point or a certain amount of time passing. New “Call-to-Action” labels let visitors see whether the offer is for content, a survey, an event and more before they expand the widget.

Sales and Marketing Partnership
The relationship between sales and marketing teams have evolved from alignment to genuine partnership. To support this collaboration, Marketo has delivered solutions that empower teams to create and standardise content to help them effectively engage with their customers:

  • ToutApp Templates is one of the recent products born out of Marketo’s strategic acquisition of ToutApp, the leading sales engagement company, earlier this year. ToutApp Templates enables marketers to categorise and share marketing-generated content with their sales colleagues to ensure consistent messaging and tailored engagement throughout the customer journey.
  • Sales Insight Enhancements include locked templates so that marketing and sales teams can standardise customer communications and companies in regulated industries have greater control of messaging through approved marketing-prepared templates.

About Marketo
Marketo, Inc., offers a leading engagement platform that empowers marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue. Consistently recognised as an industry innovation pioneer, Marketo is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs thanks to its scalability, reliability, and openness. Marketo is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices around the world, and serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing organisations across a wide variety of industries. To learn more about the Marketo Engagement Platform, LaunchPoint partner ecosystem, and the vast community that is the Marketing Nation, visit

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