Marketo enhances native salesforce CRM integration to fuel hi-quality revenue-growth pipeline

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SYDNEY – Leading global engagement marketing software/solutions provider Marketo has announced that it will increase the sync speed of their salesforce CRM integration by up to 50%.

California-based Marketo chief product officer Manoj Goyal said this would empower marketing and sales teams to convert more leads to revenue. These enhancements will become generally available later this quarter.

“Today’s hyper-connected world has put intense pressure on sales and marketing to respond to high-quality leads faster with the right messages that convert more prospects into customers,” Goyal said in a statement.

“To achieve this, revenue teams need a seamless integration between their marketing platform and CRM system to allow them to identify the most promising prospects and act swiftly, all without taxing IT resources.

“Marketo’s commitment to increase sync data speed by up to 50% through its natively built integration with salesforce CRM supports greater alignment and empowerment of sales and marketing teams to drive revenue growth.

“Marketo has consistently maintained and enhanced the industry’s most robust and mature integration with Salesforce CRM.

“By increasing data sync speed, we are empowering sales and marketing teams to beat the competition by acting quickly on high-quality leads and converting them into profitable customers.

“It is just the latest investment in Marketo’s ongoing commitment to sales and marketing alignment.”

Marketo says the enhanced integration can:

  • Focus on higher-quality leads that result in better pipeline and faster revenue growth
  • Improve lead response times to engage customers before competitors do
  • Tailor conversations based on real-time customer behaviour

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