Marlboro Man makes his presence felt in Cannes

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Philip Morris International has announced a call to action for the creative, media and communications communities to embrace its “ongoing commitment to creating a smoke-free world”.

India’s Exchange4Media news service reports that, as part of this initiative, Marlboro will offer smoke-free alternatives wherever it can, including heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes, to current smokers in the industry who would otherwise continue to smoke.

During a keynote speech at the PMI Science Lounge at in Cannes, Morlboro SVP of Communications Marian Salzman said, “We are asking the creative community to join us in raising awareness of the potential of science, technology and innovation for those who smoke and the people around them.”

The move is part of PMI’s vision to lead the charge towards greater innovation and technology in the tobacco industry, all of which is backed by science.

“People who smoke deserve information about better alternatives,” said . The media industry can play an important role in making this happen, including by championing this initiative,” said Philip Morris International COO Jacek Olczak.

“PMI’s vision is to lead the charge towards greater technology in the tobacco industry, all backed by science.”

“Quitting tobacco and nicotine remains the best option for smokers, but for those who don’t, science-based non-combustible alternatives are a better choice than continuing to use cigarettes.

“We want a world where all people who would otherwise continue to smoke instead switch to less harmful alternatives. We started with a bold statement in Cannes: we are looking to create a world where all these smokers switch to better alternatives. Now it’s time to make sure people know we are serious. And now, we are following up with concrete actions.”

Emakina Group, an independent group of communication agencies in Europe, is the first agency network to declare its commitment to a smoke-free future by pledging support to the initiative across its 13 offices.

“A smoke-free future for the whole company? Challenge accepted,” said Emakina ceo Brice Le Blévennec. “Let’s start now!”

PMI says it is developing and assessing a range of smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes including heated tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and other innovative technologies.

The company is conducting extensive research to examine the risk reduction potential of the products compared to continued smoking. All evidence to date indicates that PMI’s smoke-free alternatives are a better choice for smokers than cigarettes.

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