Marsden Inch salutes true grit

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Media Design School Adschool students Nick Edmonds and Hannah Dear have won the Marsden Inch annual MDS scholarship, recognising outstanding, emerging creative talent.

“Hannah and Nick were all smiles when they heard news of their win,” said AdSchool CD Kate Humphries.

“They ticked all the boxes needed to become great creatives – talent, grit and personality; grit being an important part of surviving and succeeding in this fiercely competitive industry.

“Hannah and Nick’s book shows flare, insight and is provocative in all the right places, but it’s their drive that pushed them to the top of the pile.

“From the word go Hannah and Nick worked tirelessly, passionately and efficiently on every brief – so much so that I was always having to turf them out of the building at the end of the day so we could lock up.”

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