Massive kiwi exposure from Samsung’s Olympic anthem

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Millions have viewed Samsung’s Olympic anthem since The Games opened over the weekend. “The Anthem” is a co-creation of Leo Burnett Sydney and Chicago to promote Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone. In a mash-up of national anthems, New Zealand is one of the chosen few in what’s been called a song of international unity.

Leo Burnett took a slice of a number of anthems to create one global song reflecting the international reach of the Olympics and the Samsung brand.

“The Anthem” opens with a young girl from Australia holding the Samsung phone and singing a line from the national anthem of Botswana, then jumps to another country, another person and another song. With the introduction of each anthem, viewers are introduced to a new location, intentionally contrasting with the home of each song.

The anthem of Malaysia is sung by a woman in Paris, for instance, and New Zealand’s national anthem (a translation of an extract from the Maori version of the anthem) plays loudly in England, highlighting the Olympic ideal of a world without borders.

At last count the reach has been massive. Tubular Labs says the Rio spot has had more than 54-million views worldwide.

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