Mastering that lightbulb moment

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Viaduct Harbour-based video content company BrandWorld’s successful third party platform Discover is back with a new logo, a new look and feel, new presenters, more flexibility. It also comes fully tailored for a host of different distribution methods from YouTube to On Demand, Sky to TVNZ, mobile to web – but with that same “attention grabbing” power based on its original guiding engagement insight: ‘consumers are hardwired to discover’.

The latest offering sees popular Kiwi actor Tammy Davis (Munter from Outrageous Fortune) discover how Mighty River Power’s Globug makes it easy for Kiwis on a budget to save money on their power. Then there’s Kiwi artist and actor Dwayne Cameron who in his own creative style tells Orb Coffee’s story from the world to the supermarket shelf, and of course larger-than-life cooking favourite Josh Emett, dishing the good oil for Alfa One.

All have that unique Discover lightbulb moment that resonates with consumers, wrapped up with that powerful third-party endorsement BrandWorld’s platforms are famous for, says Richard Stevens, managing director of BrandWorld.

“Consumers are time poor. They are bombarded by messages. They need help, that’s why platforms like Discover work. It curates information for them, saving them time and giving them a good reason why they should buy a product, all wrapped up in a format they have learnt to trust.

“But even successful platforms need a refresh from time to time and that’s what we’ve done with Discover. It’s got the same powerful story-telling developed and delivered by experienced programme makers, but with a fresh look that gives us much more flexibility to deliver solutions for clients, whatever they’re trying to achieve and however tight their budget and time requirements are.”

Given it’s a package offering (combining creative, production and media all rolled into one), Discover is a much, much more cost and time effective way of bringing a story to life, whichever screen you’re aiming at, says Tim Walls, BrandWorld’s content director. “We can bring a story to life in six to 10 weeks, even if you happen to throw Christmas into the middle of it, and still deliver outstanding results for clients.”

When they’re done right, platforms magnify the trust and cut-through of a well-told story, says Mike O’Sullivan, BrandWorld’s ideas guy. “Yes it’s about the way we tell the story, match the style and the presenter to the message and how and when we distribute it and to who, but the real power of our platform approach is how a brand message is seamlessly wrapped up in a form that is signalled to consumers as something to watch out for, that’s useful, that’s different from everything else they are seeing and is something they can trust.”

And it works, say BrandWorld’s clients, with sales results rising up to 50+% during the first weeks of a campaign:

  • “The results of Discover were phenomenal.” Suzanne McKandry, senior brand manager API.
  • “People were talking about the ads, whereas previously they weren’t saying anything.” Sean Wiggans, Group Brand Manager, Greggs
  • “It scored amazingly well on persuasion.” Samantha Hay, customer marketing manager, Mercury Energy.

“Discover delivers that lightbulb moment to consumers and for our clients and we think our newly refreshed Discover is a lightbulb moment in its own right,” says Richard.

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