McDonald’s NZ hits the headlines with promo that went wrong

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McDonald’s New Zealand has pulled its Make Burger History website after being flooded with offensive and inappropriate creations. The failed design and name-your-burger promo has made headlines  after it was hijacked by pranksters.

The digital campaign, created by DDB, allowed customers to design, name and vote on their favourite burgers but was pulled last week after being flooded with racist, homophobic and other offensive creations.

Among the burger suggestions were the ‘Bernie Socialist Feast’, two hamburger buns without  a filling; the ‘Toddler Body Bag’, which included a beef patty, tomato and bacon between lettuce leaves; and ‘The Carbonator’, a tower of seven burger buns with no filling.

Daily Mail Australia reported many more are too offensive to print.

The site was launched in February to coincide with McDonald’s Create Your Taste campaign, which allows customers to make their own burgers at self-order kiosks. People trying to access the website are now being redirected to McDonald’s New Zealand homepage.

A McDonald’s New Zealand spokesman said the ‘Make Burger History’ page was only intended to be available for 10 weeks but people continued to use the site well after the official campaign finished.

“The overall ingenuity throughout the campaign has been impressive, it’s just unfortunate some creations have been inappropriate right at the tail end,” he said.

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