MDS duo takes out Google’s Axis Student gong

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Robyn Ramsey and Luke Roxburgh, who are currently interning under the insightful eyes of Regan Grafton at Stanley Street, sprinted up to accept their award in front of industry at last Thursday’s Axis Awards to make it the 5th year in a row that MDS has taken out the Google Axis Student Award.

Media Design School creative advertising programme director Kate Humphries said: “The Google Student Axis is a tough challenge because if you get in front of people on YouTube intent on watching the video they’ve just searched for, you’re going unleash a swear word or two – unless you do it well.

“What we loved about Robyn and Luke’s entry is it flipped the old Youtube disclaimer [this video is not available in your country] on its head to make the point that Kapiti is only available in our country.

“A big thanks to Val Mathieu and Natasha Galloway from the Comms Council for organising the competition; Google Sydney creative agency lead Victoria Berthinussen for sponsoring the competition and briefing the students.

“You’re going unleash a swear word or two – unless you do it well.”

“And to judges Lisa Fedyszyn & Jono McMahon from Special Group, Melina Fiolitakis & Slade Gill from FCB, and Victoria Berthinussen again, for taking the MDS and AUT teams through two rounds of judging before handing it over to the Axis judges for the final round.

“A big shout out to the other two teams that made up MDS’ hat trick of Student Axis finalists  this year; Gabrielle Larsen & Arron Sharma, and James McCulloch & Charlotte Upton.

“We’d also like to send out a loud raucous cheer to all the MDS alumni at the Axis Awards this year who had their names on 34 Silver & Gold Axis awards, the Emerging Talent award, 3 Grande Axis awards and the Grand Prix award.

“We really couldn’t be prouder.”

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