MDS teams ‘flying off the shelf”

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“Thanks to Marsden Inch for putting a generous amount behind the bar for our end-of-year show last week and a very warm hug to everyone who came along to the show,” says MDS AdSchool CD Kate Humphries.

“It was a fantastic turnout. We’ve been very lucky this year with the number of industry people who came in to talk to the students, with our industry panels and with a spectacular line up of mentors – so we’d like to send all of them a sincere thank you for every single, generous second of the time they gifted to our students.

“This year’s class shot out of the starting gates right at the beginning of the year with two teams making the finalist AKQA Future Lions cut out of thousands of worldwide entries. They then went on to win both student awards at the Newspaper of the Year awards; gold, silver and bronze at the International Crowbar Awards; claimed two spots at the Axis Awards for next year’s student award announcement; had two ideas for Visa put straight into R&D; and we’re now just winding up what’s going to be a powerful spot for the Les Mills Fight Night for CanTeen this Saturday.

“Presently the teams are flying off the shelf with several teams receiving competing offers, so if you didn’t make it along to the show let me know asap and I’ll send some books through.”

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