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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: New Zealand saw a rise of 24% in overseas enrolments and 50% rise of upload of votes for the 2020 election, after “a Russian meddler” fronted an Every Kiwi Vote Counts campaign from Special Group and Sweetshop.

Every Kiwi initiator Tracey Lee said,: “The inertia of overseas non-voters was so great that we really needed something provocative to wake them up. So, it was exciting and blood draining when Special Group came back with Viktor.

“I knew that this was going to cause some good trouble.

“Say what you want about Russia and their influencing of other countries’ elections, but you’ve got to admit, those meddlers damn well get results!”

Directed by The Sweetshop’s Damien Shatford, the humorous films were the feature of an integrated campaign that incited meddling on a daily basis, over an 18-day enrolment and voting window.

“To see such a response was a great result for New Zealand democracy.”

Special ECD Lisa Fedyszyn said: “Like any good meddler, the Russian, Viktor, took to Facebook and other social platforms to influence.

“He reached Kiwis through social groups, mobile billboards in Kiwi-populated parts of foreign cities like London, as well as getting his exploits written up in The Guardian UK, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Australia, even SBS Russian.

“As one would expect from the Russians, they got the job done, with a 24% jump in overseas enrolments, a 50% jump in online vote uploads and comments in social saying that it was the first time someone had voted in over 20 years.

“To see such a response was a great result for New Zealand democracy.”

Every Kiwi Vote Counts is a nonpartisan initiative, championed by Tracey Lee, a brand strategist, sociologist and returned Kiwi who has spent 15 years voting overseas.


Client: Every Kiwi Vote Counts
Founder / Strategic lead: Tracey Lee
Agency: Special Group New Zealand
CEO/CCO: Tony Bradbourne
Managing Partner: Michael Redwood
Executive Design Director: Heath Lowe
Head of Strategy: Rory Gallery
ECD: Lisa Fedyszyn
ECD: Jonathan McMahon
Art Director: Till Dittmers
Copywriter: Jack Gravatt
Social & Brand Strategist: Daisy Conroy-Botica
Account Director: Bonnie Shum
Senior Producer: Sally Lankshear
Senior Producer: Jo Kelly
Graphics: Hamish Kuka
PR: POEM/Matt Holmes
PR: POEM/ Erica Llorico
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
Editor: Luke Haigh
DOP: Adam Luxton
Sound studio: Liquid Studios
Sound design: Craig Matuschka
Music: Pete van der Fluit
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Photographer: Troy Goodall

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