MediaWorks headhunts Herald gossip star

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MediaWorks is about to launch a new digital-only entertainment brand, developed through a joint venture partnership with celebrated Herald gossip columnist Rachel Glucina.

The new brand will feature original, highly shareable local and international entertainment content and have a strong social media presence.

MediaWorks has yet to announce a name of the new site and the date of the launch. “We’re working through that now,” group trade marketing manager Sarah Ferbrache told M+AD this morning.

Group ceo Mark Weldon said the j/v will create new business opportunities. “I’m very pleased to be developing a brand new digital-only brand with Rachel Glucina,” he said. “Digital entertainment brands featuring snackable, shareable content (especially video) are the fastest growing part of the media landscape, and there is a gap in the NZ market in this area.

“The new brand will extend our digital footprint and complement our existing radio and TV brands, adding value for audiences and advertisers. Our goal is to be the go-to website for local and international entertainment content, and Rachel is the leading local player in this space, uniquely placed to create and manage this exciting new project.”

MediaWorks recently announced a number of other joint ventures, including NZ events company MediaWorks Nine Live (a partnership between MediaWorks and Nine Live that is managed by Tracey Magan and will produce a range of live events featuring top international and local content).

Glucina announced her acceptance of the MediaWorks offer via her Twitter account.“I’ve resigned,” she posted. “MediaWorks has headhunted me for a joint-venture partnership to create, run and co-own a new digital entertainment platform.”

Mediaworks also announced that it has signed broadcasters Mark Richardson and Dominic Bowden to permanent roles, working across the company’s multi-platform assets.

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