Meet Newzulu brand advocate Pauline Hanson

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Fed up with getting your news from trained journalists? Then Pauline Hanson has the app for you. In this Facebook video from the Queensland Senator-elect , she takes aim at the “sensationalist” media she says wilfully misrepresents her political views:

“It’s no wonder that your newspaper sales and ratings are going down ’cause no-one wants to know what you have to say because you can’t tell the truth,” she says.

In the video, Hanson also shares her views about indigenous Australians, as well as the threat that “our suburbs will be swamped by Asians”.

She then goes on to give a somewhat unexpected endorsement of citizen journalism app Newzulu.

“If the media can’t be truthful then, look, there is this new app Newzulu,” she says, holding up her mobile phone. “It might be a way to go. Then we won’t need the media at all. You guys will be out of a job.”

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