Meet Raymond Louis – Top Dog

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Born in Invercargill, Raymond Louis has parlayed his relationship with Phantom Billstickers’ founder Jim Wilson into his current role as CCO (Chief Canine Officer).

“You think we’re jesting?” asks Phantom’s Jim Wilson. “Just look at our website.

“Raymond Louis is a key member of our executive with the title of Top Dog (an actual dog). We had to add that last bit because we were getting mail addressed to Raymond Louis, and the poor guy struggles to grasp a pen or open emails.”

Raymond Louis (pictured here in the loving arms of Kiwi songstress Anika Moa) also has his own Facebook page with 10,000-odd followers. It says something – we’re not sure what – when one of the most popular faces of your business is a bulldog.

“As Phantom’s Top Dog, Raymond Louis enjoys certain workplace privileges,” Wilson writes in the company’s latest Phan Mail newsletter. “He gets to walk around the office naked and nap under desks whenever he feels like it.

“His duties are not onerous but he is expected to meet his KPIs as brand ambassador and social media star. We think he’s a natural, with his Churchillian dignity and a certain dogged charm.

“We reached out to Raymond Louis for comment on this article but received no response, not even when a doggie treat was proffered.

“Dogs of Phantom is an occasional series profiling the non-human members of our staff. We look forward to introducing Jackson the Accounts Dog and our other canine team members.”

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