Meet The Indestructables

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When you were a kid, you were indestructible, able to climb any tree, bike down any hill, or defeat any monster. That was because you were confident that whatever happened, everything would be okay because there was someone looking after you.

Unfortunately, a lot of that confidence fades with age. It probably has something to do with burgeoning adult responsibilities and the fact that bones take longer to set the older you get.

But with forward-thinking TOWER Insurance looking out for you and your things, you can get that confidence back.

That’s why, through their agency Barnes, Catmur & Friends, TOWER Insurance produced a campaign in which kids demonstrate their carefree approach to some of life’s more troubling dilemmas, like what to do when a penguin steals your bike, and how with TOWER Insurance you can get that confidence back.

The 60-second TVC went to air nationwide on Sunday.


Agency & Production

Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Chief Executive Officer: Daniel Barnes
General Manager: Luke Farmer
Creative: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Creative: Rob Cook
Creative: Glenn Wood
Head of Production: Shayna Stalker
Senior Account Manager: Nicholas Gallagher
Director: Alyssa McClelland
Producer: Jackie Adler
Production Company: Finch
Post Production: Beryl
Audio: Franklin Road
Photography: Mark Carter


General Manager, Customer Proposition: Mark Savage
Head of Marketing: Greta Yardley
Marketing Manager: Suzi Goodwin

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