Meet Y&R’s tough-talking Tooth Fairy

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Y&R and The Sweet Shop have created a big, gruff, scary tooth fairy to help the New Zealand Health Promotion Agency hard-sell the importance of oral care for kids’ teeth.

“This idea takes on the mythology of the tooth fairy and skews it for parents: If you don’t brush your little one’s teeth, a fierce looking fairy-lady is going come give you a good sassing,” said The Sweet Shop director Damien Shatford.

Y&R MD Tim Ellis said: “Whilst research showed us that parents knew about the importance of tooth brushing, they didn’t necessarily realise that it needed to start from when the teeth first appeared, or that healthy baby teeth are actually the gateway to healthy adult teeth.

“There’s also a misconception that because baby teeth are replaced, they are of little importance. We’ve created a humorous, caring yet firm, Tooth Fairy to get this important message across to time-poor parents and make sure they realise just how important their role is in their kid’s oral health.”


Agency: Y&R NZ
CCO/CEO: Josh Moore
Managing Director, Wellington: Tim Ellis
Executive Creative Director: Tim Huse
Creative Directors: Guy Denniston and Gavin Siakimotu
Head of Production: Liz Rosby
Account Director: Carmen Sellwood
Account Manager: Scarlett Aldridge
Planners: Jono Key and Nic Winslade
Senior Media Planner: Kate Thomson
Production company: The Sweet Shop
Managing Director: Fiona King
Producer: Andy Mauger
Director: Damien Shatford
DOP: Andrew Stroud
Production Manager: Nicky Simes
Post Production Offline: The Sweet Shop by Damien Shatford
Online Operator: Stu Bedford
Grade: Dave Gibson @ Palace
Post Production Online: Mat Elin @ Palace

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