Mélanie can do it and will do it

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French indie agency GloryParis has broken new ground by appointing a young woman with Down’s Syndrome to present the weather forecast on French national tv channel France 2.

Mélanie Ségard (21) gets her first start tonight (Tuesday 14 March), and if all goes well, the trial may be extended.

Uploaded only one week ago and created by the Gloryparis agency for French charity Unapei, the Facebook page Mélanie peut le faire already counts more than 200,000 likes.

The challenge of Mélanie, a 21-years-old woman with Down’s, to present the weather forecast on television was carried by a massive mobilization and attracted the attention of the media.

Unapei and Gloryparis issued a statement thanking all the “likers who carry this positive message”. “Everyone can act at his/her own level to reduce prejudice and build an open, inclusive and supportive society together,” they said.

About Gloryparis
We are Gloryparis, a communication and content creation agency dedicated to stimulating and propagating debate. For us, the important thing is audacity, that which leads to glory.

About France 2
France 2 is a French public national television channel; part of the state-owned France Télévisions group.

About Unapei
The predominant federation of French associations representing and defending the interests of intellectually handicapped persons and their families.


Client: Unapei
Director of Communications: Christophe Magnant
Communication Officer: Cécile Abrantes
Public Relations and Media: Anne-Charlotte Chéron
Agency: Gloryparis
Directors of creation: Arnaud Le Bacquer, Hugues Pinguet
Sales Director: Jean-Baptiste Herman
Project Leader: Meriem Bouthiba
Assistant project manager: Gwendoline Mazaury
Art director: Gabriel Bonnefond
Web designer: Melodie Valverde
RP / Com Digitale: Pascal Cübb
Web design / Community Manager: Céline Ribault (Sunglasses)
Developer: Axel Chanfroy (Id Meneo)
Film production: Raise Up Films (Aurélien Sallé)
Studio Sound: Interference
Photographer: Laurent Stinus
Monitoring: MakeMeStats

  • Twitter: #melaniepeutlefaire

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