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NEW YORK, Today: The One Club for Creativity – organiser of the popular One Show Awards – has unveiled a merger agreement with the Type Directors Club, a leading global typography organisation.

The move brings the Type Directors Club (TDC) under The One Club for Creativity (TOCC) umbrella, providing resources and infrastructure to broaden and grow its programming and placing new emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion in the global typography community.  

“This arrangement offers the infrastructure for a fresh start.”

One Club ceo Kevin Swanepoel said: “Established in 1946 in New York, TDC celebrates and amplifies the power of typography and serves as a global community united by the shared belief that type drives culture and culture drives type.

“TDC has recently experience financial challenges, which are being addressed with a transformation of operational focus and management.”

TDC past-president Elizabeth Carey Smith said: “This merger offers the infrastructure for a fresh start so we can instead focus on what it’s good at: Promoting typographic excellence with an anti-racist commitment to broaden what our industry lauds.”

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