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Singapore-based internet service provider MyRepublic has set up shop in NZ and launched its ultra-fast fibre broadband with a TVC starring William Shatner – the only actor to spend the first half of his life building a stellar career and the second half making fun of it.

In this ad, he visits NZ from a place far away to advise us ludite Kiwis on how to find a better way.

It was shot in Sydney for K Rd-based Energi Advertising by Kontent Films (Freemans Bay).

“Kia Ora, New Zealand! You deserve [bleep] better,” the ever-amiable Shatner says in this colourful ad, which also stars a set of Dotcom triplets, a rocket, a Segway, and an awful lot of the colour purple.



Agency: Energi
CEO/Business Development: Ben Hickey
Strategy: Simon Kozak
Creative Director: Jason Anderson
Art Director: Paul Bayley
Account Director: Melissa Ranaldi


Executive Producer: Simon Mark-Brown

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