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AUCKLAND, Today: Leading creative tech studio, Grey Lynn-based Method, has brought seldom-seen sea creatures to life in an immersive digital experience, Dive into the Deep.

Method business director Nick Piper said: “The new experience is open now and a must-see for all sea creature fans at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

“Method’s most recent installation is a first-of-its-kind projection-mapped animation undertaken for the region. It follows our work on the immersive and interactive exhibition Bligh: Hero or Villain at the Australian National Maritime Museum.  

Dive into the Deep immerses visitors into a unique underwater world where they’ll encounter the likes of the colossal squid, a manta ray and the Megalodon, a massive prehistoric shark.

“It features an unprecedented 14-metre projection mapped ocean wall and is designed to teach audiences about the deep sea as it is now to prehistoric times in an awe-inspiring and wholly immersive way. 

“With no two scenes the same, the CGI animation developed by Method uses rotoscoping, which allowed the animators to trace the sea creatures to move just as they would in the real world.

“Method Auckland worked virtually with Sea Life Melbourne to create the in-person experience.”

“This creates an experience that offers variety in action and movement, as would be expected of any real aquarium.

“One of the most amazing aspects of this project was that it was all developed from afar due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Method worked virtually with Sea Life to create the in-person experience.

“Using only images, videos, maps and client references, we’re proud of how we’ve created an incredibly tangible experience all the way from across the pond here in Auckland.”

Sea Life’s Mikala Smith said: “Method helped us turn a space that was once unassuming into a dynamic area with technology that’s really revolutionary. So much so that you don’t even notice the technology and are just in awe of the experience.”

“Visitors have been blown away with the whole experience and story, thrilled by this rare chance to enjoy sea creatures like never before.”

About Method
Method, established in 2003, is a leading creative tech studio, based in Auckland. Method blends art and tech with smart thinking to create unique digital experiences in an underserved medium.


Client: Sea Life Melbourne
Agency: Method Auckland
3D Artists: Lahiru De Silva, Tim Griffiths
Designer: Sophie Douglas
Animations: Lahiru De Silva, Roshan Nowshad
Unreal development: Roshan Nowshad
Sound Design and Music: James Dean – Akau Audio
Executive Producer: Sam Ramlu
Producer: Flavia da Silva
Relationship Manager: Nick Piper

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