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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Grey Lynn creative technology studio Method has promoted Dom Henshall to general manager, building on the excellent work he has done in his role as customer director.

Henshall made the move from advertising to more tech-focused organisations in 2018, following a successful and awarded account-service career.

Method founder/MD Sam Ramlu said: “From the day Dom stepped into our office it all just clicked into place. He’s made such a positive impact on our team, our clients and the way we operate.

“It’s like we found the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Henshall said: “It’s rare to find such a natural affinity with a founder and an organisation as I’ve found here at Method.

“Sam and I have similar views on people and culture and the positive effect that creativity and technology can have – both commercially and socially – for our clients.

“It’s been a joy so far and I look forward to making the journey a long and memorable one.”

“From the day Dom stepped into our office it all just clicked into place.”

Signifcant growth
Ramlu: “Out of lockdown and with a refreshed client focus on digital as a transformational offering, Method is enjoying a period of significant growth.

“Covid-19 has caused many clients to rethink the way their customers experience their brand, and new clients and project work have kept the studio busy creating and innovating.”

Henshall: “Method has been generating word-class work for 17 years at the intersection of art, design and technology, creating genuine connections with people.

“Our skillset is broad and deep and ranges from web and apps to interactive experiences to VR and AR. We’ve also recently developed our own AR platform –

“If we’ve learnt anything in the last 12 months, it’s that you can’t bank on doing things the same old way, when the world can so quickly change around you.

“The new clients we’re working with have realised this and are looking for partners that can help them evolve and innovate quickly – partners like Method.”

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